dental insurance formsIf you are coming in soon for a consultation you can save yourself some time and print this out and have it filled out when you come in for your appointment if you would like. If you cannot do so, no worries try to come in for your appointment about 15-20 minutes early so we can make sure that we see you on time for your appointment. Thanks so much! (CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW “MEDICAL HISTORY”)

Medical History



tooth-1015404_640If you are going to the dentist to get some cavities filled, please print this out and have them fill it out once you are cavity free and either have them fax it back to us or you can bring it back in person as well. Another option would be to scan it or take a picture and email it back to <> Thank you! (CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW “CAVITY CLEARANCE”)

Cavity Clearance